[RPi4] OMV5 install stops and "failed installing postfix"

  • I have a Raspberry Pi 4.

    Running the RPi OS via an external HDD.

    When I try to run the install command it errors out.

    Not sure what to do. I tried setting up the postfix first, but not sure if it was done correct. Just followed this: https://openmediavault.readthe…stallation/on_debian.html

    Any ideas?

    Entire terminal: https://pastebin.com/c1L9nVay

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    Suggest to try this way:

    Installing OMV5 on Raspberry PI's, Armbian SBC's, & i386 32-bit platforms

    Running the RPi OS via an external HDD.

    Do you have a specific reason for this?

    It makes things more complicated (e.g. installation and cloning the OS as backup) and prevents the HDD from spinning down.

  • better performance? is it not needed?

    I plan on using this Raspberry Pi 4 8GB for multiple services.

    Mobro monitoring, wireguard, pi-hole, and motioneye. possibly more.

    Yea, I tried following those instructions and it still errors out at the same place.

    "wget -O - https://github.com/OpenMediaVa…Script/raw/master/install | sudo bash"

    is what it says to run and its the same thing I've been running.

  • Okay, thanks

    However, I'm not sure why im getting this postfix error thats stopping the install. Any ideas? Using an SD card does appear to progress further, but it also errors out. Just much later for a different reason.

  • Figured it out I guess...

    When using the Raspberry Pi Imager app I was using the first selection. "Raspberry Pi OS (32 bit)". Being frustrated I started trying out things like Ubuntu, luckily I tried "Raspberry Pi OS Full (32 bit)" under the "Raspberry Pi OS (other)" category.

    All good now. Running smooth using my external hdd where the OS is.

    And for any Googlers out there. Its super obvious, but was clearly frustrated, you need to type the IP + port into your browser after you change the port. Ex.

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