Portainer ports frustrations

  • After upgrading to OMV 5 and wrestling with portainer for about a day, I have most of my images up and running again, but am still running into many obstacles. The big one for me right now is I have no clue how to forward ports in this UI. In the old Docker interface for OMV I would use the options available to just run the image in host mode and then forward whatever port it was using inside the image to a more desirable one in the host. But I haven't been able to replicate this in portainer.



    I think my main point of confusion is I don't understand where to insert the port options as specified


    I don't understand, is the -p something that goes in the environment variables? Is it a command that gets run? If so where do I add it? I've never really completely understood how the values that people write out for docker configurations translate to ones in the GUI. All I want to do is change the port the image is running on since I'm starting to install images that are set to use the same default port.


    I'm sure I'm missing something obvious but I haven't been able to get the options under the "Network port configuration" or the advanced network tab to do anything.

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  • Just use function "publish a new network port". Please keep in mind: If you run two containers on the same network you don't need to publish the port in container B if you want to access it from container A.

  • Why don't you do this the easy way?

    Grab the available docker create command, edit it for your use case, and run it in the shell.

    Google is your friend and Bob's your uncle!

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  • to change ports in container, go to Dashborad _ Containers _> select the container that you want to change the port -> Use duplicate / Edit Button, thats all, now you can see the used port and change it at you way, only need to deply the container to make the changes effect.

  • I do not know komga, and your post make me to test it.

    I use the next docker file, and works fine.

    please modify at your own:

    in my signature you can see more examples of how to deploy dockers in OMV5, plese read to understand how portainer works.


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