Owncloud: Lots of weird entries in log: "systemd run-docker-runtime/...mount: succeeded"

  • Hi, so I have set up OMV5 with some docker containers. I'm running Owncloud, Onlyoffice, Nginx/Letsencrypt and Heimdall. Now my Owncloud setup is making some "problems".

    If I check /var/log/daemon.log the whole log is spammed with the following entries:

    Basically the same entries once every minute.

    Now, based on the ids, the offending containers are owncloud, mariadb and redis (both belong to owncloud).

    I have no problems, performance is great and so on but I wonder, do I need to be concerned? I cannot find any errors elsewhere, no matter which log I've checked so far.

    What is this? Is it a problem?

  • According to this link, its caused by the healthcheck feature. Maybe take a deeper look at the thread for workarounds, there are one or two suggestions.

    Besides filling up your log heavily, it doesn't seem to do any harm.



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  • Thank you for the info and the link!

    So it's not a real problem that I need to be concerned about. That's great. I might look into the workarounds for cleaning the log when I have some time for that though.

  • Hi - I have exactly the same problem on a rpi4. The link above is now closed and no real solution was found.

    I do have performance issues especially with my Nextcloud container.

    Have you seen any new developments that would resolve the issue?

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