Current HTML for GUI breaks Dragon Naturally Speaking

  • Greetings,

    I use Dragon Naturally Speaking, a voice dictation software that allows me to control my entire computer. My computer is running Windows 10. I'm running OpenMediaVault on a Raspberry Pi 4b.

    For the following reasons, I request that the page title for the GUI be changed so that OpenMediaVault is compatible with Dragon Naturally Speaking.

    Here's why:

    • In both Firefox and Chrome, I received the following Dragon error when going to the OpenMediaVault GUI:

      "Program not supported. See "EMR restriction" in Help"

    • I learned that the EMR restriction error occurs when DNS Pro thinks it's looking at an Electronic Medical Records system. OpenMediaVault is definitely not one of these systems.
    • I encounter the same error when I try to navigate this forum using Dragon.
    • I contacted Nuance, which makes Dragon, and they are not willing to fix the problem.
    • My girlfriend and I decided to narrow down the problem ourselves. We took the HTML from the OpenMediaVault GUI, pasted it into a new file, and then started taking out lines until I could access the page with Dragon and not trigger the EMR error. We then went through multiple steps of adding a few lines back in until we triggered the EMR error again. Note that, in order to consistently replicate the error, I sometimes had to Alt+Tab away from Firefox and back before turning the microphone on. The offending code is as follows:

    <html id="ext-element-3"><head>
    <title>openmediavault control panel</title>

    Changing the title to "OMV control panel" fixed the error.

    I've done a lot of research on how I wanted to build my NAS, and OpenMediaVault is a very interesting system that is the best solution for me. As someone who also uses FreeNAS, I love how flexible and forgiving OpenMediaVault is. I just want to control this wonderful system myself. Is it possible to change the GUI title? How about the title of this forum's page?

    Thank you.

  • WastlJ

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