Upgrade OMV4 to OMV5 with Plex Media server installed

  • Hello,

    I would like to update OMV4 installed on my OdroidHC2 to OMV5 (using this script). But before I would like to be sure that my Plex Media Server won’t be broken.

    I installed and I maintain Plex Media Server on my machine directly from the command lines as root and not through the OMV web interface (neither plugin nor Docker).

    Before upgrading OMV4 to OMV5 it is recommended to uninstall OMV plugins, this is why I’m not sure about the script impact on my Plex Media Server installation.

    Maybe I should uninstall Plex before? If someone knows how to migrate securely OMV4 to OMV5 without broke Plex Media Server it could help me 🙂

    Thank you ✌️

    (Plex Media Server Version:

  • brnltn

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