LUKS Encrypted disks disappeared

  • Hello All,

    I had configured 6 LUKS encrypted HDs and they had been working perfectly fine for months. Today, since the last general update on OMV/Debian, two of the HDs are not listed as encrypted devices in the OMV Plugin. So I cannot decrypt them and mount them.

    The HDs are visible in OMV under Disks and under SMART but not under the encrypted Plugin.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    OMV6 HP t630

    OMV6 Xeon / i5 - SCSI PC

    OMV6 on Raspberry Pi4

    OMV5 on ProLiant N54L (AMD)

  • Hello

    we are 7 month later and.... I have the very same problem.

    My LUKS encrypted disk just disapear few days after reboot , all the time...

    What is terrible is that on the OMV interface it appears as mounted !!! But it is not...

    Any idea for a workaround ????

    This is really a big issue...

    ! Started hacking with ZX81 and I am getting younger everyday like Master Yoda ! ! Raspi is to young generation what ZX81 was to mine ! ! I just love Raspi! Triple bang for the Raspi Foundation ! !And thank you guys for OMV !

  • Push - happened to me today for the first time. 1/3 disks are missing in the OMV interface.

    I have actually no idea how to decrypt it otherwise? Does it work via CLI? Will it somehow appear again?!?

  • For those with issues, did you use unique labels for each drive?

    I had a similar issue where 2 of 3 disks disappeared from the encryption page, but i was still able to create and mount a file system on them. Occurred to me i may have repeated a label on accident for two of them. wiping and trying again.

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