My first NAS please help me and give your opinion

  • Hello

    I am building my first NAS with openmediavault

    I bought already the following pats:

    Motherboard: ASROCK B365M Pro4

    CPU: i3 9100

    RAM: 2x 8 GB DDR4 2400 MHZ

    1x Silicon Power 256GB M.2 PCIe NVMe A60 as a boot drive

    2x WD WD40EFAX + 1X Seagate Exos 7E8 4TB (yes I know, different disks if it will be a problem I will buy another WD WD40EFAX)

    I am planning to expand my storage to additional 2x WD WD40EFAX in the future so that is my questions:

    1. What powersupply should I buy keeping in mind that I want to buy 2 or 3 HDD more in the future, will that be good? be quiet! System Power 9 CM 600W 80 Plus Bronze

    2. What case can you recommend? I thought about Cooler Master FOR-500-KKN1 (FOR500KKN1)

    Can anyone help with powersupply and case?

    If that is matter my NAS will be used for file storage and for emby streaming with transcoding max for 2 or 3 user.

  • Just some quick Googling for some very general numbers.. (and keep in mind this is assuming they are drawing max power, which they don't do to often on a NAS, in my experience)..

    i3--- 75w

    WD40 (I'll assume this for 5 drives, as the Seagate shouldn't be much different) 5w * 5 drives =25w

    m.2-- 7w

    Ram= about 7-9w total, depending on ram, etc..

    Don't have time to download the manual on the motherboard, but that right there puts you at 120w (again if everything is running at absolute max).. toss in a couple case fans, etc.. and we'll be really safe and say 150w.

    Unless that MB has some crazy power requirements... I think you'll be fie with the 500w power supply you want.

    As for the case.. that is preference. I personally like "large" cases as they have better airflow.. Antec P100, etc.. but my NAS sits on a shelf out of sight. If yours is sitting in a an entertainment center or in the living area.. you're going to have different requirements.

  • Not so much statistics on that.

    The only one I know is from Backblaze…ew-of-the-hard-drive-data

    Their suggestion might be HGST which is now a brand of Western Digital.

  • I think you misunderstand me, what I am asking for is that if I can use different drives in RAID5? I mean that 2x WD and 1x SEAGATE? Especially due to the fact that seagate is 7200 rpm and the WD is 5400. About SMR, well - for now I will try with those drives and will see if it survives. To comparison for now I have (yes you can laugh) ;)

    Synology DS214 play

    1x 1 TB

    1x 500 GB

    working as JBOD both drives are cheapest that I can find at time and it works just fine since 2013 ;), I don't have any mission critical data on that NAS and I will not have here too so 50x redundancy isn't needed for me ;)

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