OMV - Advanced power Management for Pi 4 + 2x HDD 2,5

  • Hello everybody.

    I am a complete beginner in NAS.

    My setup:

    Raspberry PI4

    1 HDD 2.5 inch for general data management / cloud storage

    1 HDD 2.5 inch as backup / daily 8 p.m.

    Now to my question.

    Which settings would you recommend for the two hard drives and which spin-down time? Basically, I want to keep operations going 24/7. However, I only use the NAS for myself and only have to access it temporarily. In principle, classic document management and irregularly playing a video via KODI.

    The backup hard disk is actually only needed once a day. And a backup is made via Rsync every day at 8 p.m.

    Nevertheless, I want to keep energy consumption as low as possible.

    So far I have the following settings:

    HDD1 (Cloud) = 127 Intermediate power + spin down time 30 minutes

    HDD2 (backup) = 127 Intermediate power + spindown time 20 minutes

    Do you still have a recommendation for me regarding the energy settings or are my settings already set well? As I said, I don't need top performance. The system is generally designed to be quite energy-saving.

    Thank you in advance for your feedback

  • My opinion: 127 is ok. Smaller values will be more aggressive on power savings, but also putting more stress on the drive. 20 minutes for the backup should be fine. Could be even smaller as it should spin up only once per day. For the other drive check how often the drive spins up (e.g. SMART report). Maybe you can reduce the number of spin ups by increasing the spin down time. Power consumption of a 2.5" drive is not that significant.

    I would also monitor the load cyclce count value in SMART report.

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