no Update or New User or share the HDD after fresh install

  • Hi, after I could no longer log into omv I reinstall it.

    Install seams to be fine, but I cannot start any update in the update managemer, I cannot create a new user or I cannot add a shared folder.

    If I click on the buttons, nothing happens. All options on the left side are visible for me.

    I connect via ssh and do apt-get update and upgrade an did a restart. same problem.

    actually I can do nothing. No extensions, no user groups. :(

    Any ideas, what this issu can be?

    I'm using an Odroid PC and OMV 4.1.7 Arrakis


  • NiMora

    Changed the title of the thread from “Update or New User or share the HDD not possible aber fresh install” to “no Update or New User or share the HDD after fresh install”.
  • macom

    Added the Label OMV 4.x
  • Hi macom,

    thanks for the reminder, I did not recognize that. I did it and all seams working except the smb activation. If I try to activate it I receive an error:

    {"response":null,"error":{"code":0,"message":"The property 'localmaster' does not exist in the model 'conf.service.smb'.","trace":"OMV\\AssertException: The property 'localmaster' does not exist in the model 'conf.service.smb'. in \/usr\/share\/php\/openmediavault\/config\/\nStack trace:\n#0 \/usr\/share\/php\/openmediavault\/config\/ OMV\\Config\\ConfigObject->assertExists('localmaster')\n#1 \/usr\/share\/php\/openmediavault\/config\/ OMV\\Config\\ConfigObject->set('localmaster', true, true)\n#2 \/usr\/share\/php\/openmediavault\/config\/ OMV\\Config\\ConfigObject->setFlatAssoc(Array, true, false)\n#3 \/usr\/share\/openmediavault\/engined\/rpc\/ OMV\\Config\\ConfigObject->setAssoc(Array)\n#4 [internal function]: Engined\\Rpc\\Smb->setSettings(Array, Array)\n#5 \/usr\/share\/php\/openmediavault\/rpc\/ call_user_func_array(Array, Array)\n#6 \/usr\/share\/php\/openmediavault\/rpc\/ OMV\\Rpc\\ServiceAbstract->callMethod('setSettings', Array, Array)\n#7 \/usr\/sbin\/omv-engined(537): OMV\\Rpc\\Rpc::call('SMB', 'setSettings', Array, Array, 1)\n#8 {main}"}}

    I mount the hdd, create a user and assign the drive and the rights to this user. But that is worthless without an smb. And after these error I receive an error for every action I try in the ovm frontend. "Unauthorized" nothing more, no details. just "Unauthorized"

    Any idea what this error can be?


  • macom

    Added the Label resolved

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