resize boot disk

  • I moved from a 60 GB disk to a 240 GB disk with restoring backup from veaam agent.

    System is booting correctly.

    How can I resize now the partition and the file system? I was thinking to do it via gparted but seems more difficult than supposed


    I have that situation now:

    thanks in advance

  • Yeah but do I have to disable swap ? Is there a safe procedure?

    You could.... Or just expand it and leave about 8-10gigs unallocated on the end and resize the root partition. When it's done, change that 8-10gigs to an extended partition, and then put your swap back on the extended. Either way would work

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  • ok i soved in the following way:

    • i have disabled the swap:
    sudo swapoff -a
    • then i have commented swap mount on /etc/fstab
    • rebooted on gparted delete the swap partition and extented partition
    • resized root partition /dev/sda1
    • recreated extended and swap
    • rebooted
    sudo swapon -a
    swapon --show

    • i took the UUID of new swap partition

    sudo blkid | grep UUID=
    • edited the fstab
    • reboot to check
  • Look in this file and make sure the resume= uuid is also correct.


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  • i did it:

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