Lost ethernet connection after latest update of OMV + want to restore from system backup (dd)

  • Hello,

    Yesterday I was updating my OMV server to the latest available one. With the OMV update there were about 10 additional updates. Of course update was performed from GUI. Before update I believe was runing the newest OMV version - anyway server was up for 9 days without updating/restarting. After update I ran into the problem that my ethernet card is not visible in my system, so I am unable to connect to OMV GUI via web browser. My ethernet card name was "enp0s" or something similar, now it is not listed on the main screen of OMV console (before login), after running ip addr (or similar command) or when trying to configure network via omv-firstaid.

    To be honest I does not have time to maintenance this problem, so I want to restore a backup of my OMV partition. I have a main hard drive splitted to two partitions, first one is for OMV system, second for OMV system backup. Backup is created daily, configured in OMV GUI using dd command. Images from last 7 days are available.

    What should I do now? How to execute restoring system from backup?

    Or maybe we can try to fix my ethernet problem?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Which network adapters do you get listed in omv-firstaid?

    Thank you for the reply macom.

    List looks like below:

    • br-alphanumerical ('br-6ccffc0feac0' - looks like hexadecimal address)
    • br-abc
    • br-xyz
    • br-dfg
    • docker0
    • vethalphanumerical
    • vethabc
    • vethdef
    • vethghi
    • vethjkl
    • vethmno

    So four 'br-(...)' interfaces, six 'veth(...)' and 'docker0'. I have some stuff installed on my docker such as plex, torrent client, etc.

    Everything works perfect so would be great to have it back without loosing anything :(

  • Oh man, I have ran into the similar problem some time ago, looks like it is goes back. I need to figure it out how to resolve it again. Or just buy another pci-e ethernet card (this one is built-in)... Thanks.


    So I have added new PIC-E Ethernet card to my machine and it goes back to life. Funny thing is that after plugging in the new card - my old card was visible in console using ip command, but I was unable to start it. After unplugging new card - old one dissapeared again. And another nice feature of the system is that my new ethernet card has the same name as the old one - enp1s0. Looks like this name is given automatically for the main ethernet card (in use).

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