"How-to" videos apply to OMV4 and other questions...

  • Just getting started here

    Have installed OMV5 on a new PC and access it via web interface

    Looked at the videos about installing. Missing in this version seems to be Docker

    One place I'm stuck is creating a file system on a 4Tb USB drive. It is empty and has a fat-32 file system. Wipe tells me drive is busy (?). On choosing File Systems, I can see the drive as /dev/sdb2 and it is mounted

    However, choosing "Create" brings up a dialog box where you choose the device. The drive /dev/sdb2 is not shown on the list and I cannot proceed further

    Any tips please?


  • I can see the drive as /dev/sdb2 and it is mounted

    Can you unmount it from the GUI?

    If yes, then try to wipe it (short should be enough) and create an ext4 filesystem on it.

    For introduction to OMV, have a look at the new user guide, which is linked in my signature.

  • Thank you for the info

    I went through all the new user guides

    There is a persistent problem, regarding copying files from a Windows PC

    On the Windows machine is the folder "Downloads". This contains 460 files in 51 folder, total 11.4Gb

    I right-click the files in the right pane, do a Ctrl-A and select 'Copy"

    Then go to the shared folder under Networks (computer name) Downloads

    Right click in the blank space in the right pane and select "Paste"

    It copies about 5 files and stops. The OMV computer has crashed and won't respond to any command and won't shut down or reboot

    It shows "I/O error" over and over

    I need to pull out the power plug to restart it

    When restarted, I can see the 5 or so files that were copied

    I checked the HDD with Crystal disk info and it is fine

    Any pointers to what I have perhaps done incorrectly?

  • Maybe an issue with the USB connection or the filesytem? I once had the impression that a transfer from an USB connected drive with ntfs to the internal drive in the HC2 stalled due to temperature issue. As I was using rsync, I was able to limit the transfer speed and the transfer completed without issue. I did not investigate if temperature or something else related to an overload was the issue. So it might have been just coincidence.

    For a more systematic approach check your log files (syslog) for any hints.

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