Kickstarter NAS: Argon EON - 4 bay RPi4 based.

  • I'm not sure why you believe this is spam, and as for 'spruiking', how do you believe kickstarter programs get going. Considering the number of RPi users on this forum, it personally looks interesting from their perspective.

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  • Could the fan be any louder?…ef58ce9e024_h264_high.mp4

    They should of made it an inch taller to fit a lower RPM fan. I use fans with a larger pitch/yaw in my smaller ( < shoebox) PC's and even those have a hum (although not too bad). In a 3D printer (Elegoo Saturn), I think I'm use the exact same fan by spec and it's so loud I removed it and just run the steppers hot :-/

  • Argon makes very good cases. I wouldn't judge it by bad audio from a prototype in a video.

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  • Yes, I really went wrong with my (now deleted) post.

    I don't drink very often; but on this occasion, I had been boozing up and then I went online. What could go wrong?

    Regardless of what I thought of Adoby's post (and it turns out I wasn't thinking at all), I should have known better than to challenge a Moderator.

    I apologize for my lack of judgement. And I learned a lesson about mixing alcohol and the internet.

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  • The image is a bit ad-like, I have to admit. But it was the best still image of the case I could find. I'll see if I can find one less flashy sales-like.

    And don't worry about me being a moderator and "challenging me". I don't mind at all! I am not perfect and I am learning as well.

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