OMV6.x Updates - installs everything, no matter what is selected

  • Hello,

    Has anyone else seen/experienced the behaviour in the OMV web GUI under "System > Update Management > Updates", that on clicking the [Install updates] button (ie. down arrow with underline icon) that all packages listed on the page gets installed? This is regardless of which items are selected, which at least under the OMV4.x web GUI was working fine as expected. That is to say, shouldn't only the selected items be the packages that get installed?

    This unexpected install of everything was happening in 6.0.1-1 for me, which is why I'm now on 6.0.5-1, albeit I wasn't intending to go to that version yet at the time. Anyways, was just wondering whether installing everything is the intended behaviour. Or has this been fixed in the 6.0.5-1 web GUI?

    And I realize that I may install the package(s) of my choice in a shell with apt-get update, but it's rather odd that can't seem to do same anymore in the web GUI. And it seems even more odd that the web GUI tells you "X selected / Y total", if that's now actually irrelevant. Appreciate and TIA for any thoughts/comments on this.


    OMV 6.0.5-1 (Shaitan) on RPi2 ARMv7 rev 5 (v7l), Raspbian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye) 5.10.63-v7+

  • No, in OMV6 you can only install all packages at once. This behaviour has been changed from OMV5 -> OMV6.

    This is good to know, thanks for the heads up. I tend to stay behind a version on Plex and with 5.x I would just not select it. Now I'll know to wait for all updates until I'm ready to update Plex.

  • Now I'll know to wait for all updates until I'm ready to update Plex.

    Once I port the apttool plugin, you would be able to "hold" the plex package and then it would not be installed with the other updates.

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