Cputemp Thermal Zone Selection

  • Hi,

    As I understood from other threads in the forum, the plugin reads the temperature from


    Unfortunately for me, my actual temp is zone1 instead of zone0

    I was wondering if there is a way to tell the plugin to use that one, or swap the zones somehow on my system and leave the plugin intact.

    Any other ideas would also be welcome, thanks for making the plugin available in the first place! <3

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  • jonnerino

    Changed the title of the thread from “openmediavault-cputemp Thermal Zone Selection” to “Cputemp Thermal Zone Selection”.
  • Sensors in the web UI

    And final output from sensors-detect command

    Sounds like a good starting point

    Minisforum TH50 - CPU: i5-11320H | RAM: 16GB | SSD: 512GB

  • Hi

    Edit the new cpu-temp script

    sudo nano /usr/sbin/cpu-temp

    Type or paste this line for a newer Intel chip.

    sensors coretemp-isa-0000 | grep '0:' | head -n4 | cut -c 16-23

    ctrl-o to save, ctrl-x to exit

    chmod +x /usr/sbin/cpu-temp

    Execute cpu-temp to make sure it is working


    Then execute the following commands. The DIVISOR variable is needed because the script returns 275 for 27.5C. So, I need to divide by 10. The default is 1000.

    sudo omv-env set "OMV_CPU_TEMP_COMMAND" "/usr/sbin/cpu-temp"

    sudo omv-env set "OMV_CPU_TEMP_DIVISOR" "0"

    sudo omv-salt stage run prepare

    sudo omv-mkworkbench all

    sudo monit restart omv-engined

    Clear the browser cache


  • Wolf2000 This has now been solved! I see my CPU temperature updating live on the web UI widget, whereas before it was always stuck at 27.8 degrees.

    By the way, the cpu-temp script returns 2 numbers, is that going to be a problem?


    I would think not since the widget works now.

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  • Yes, I believe I followed the commands exactly and it outputs two numbers.

    The reason is probably because the command outputs two things starting from zero. Am I right?

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  • I understood better now! I will slightly modify it to show "id 0:" so that I can monitor the package temperature rather than the core 0 temperature.

    I think it will give a better average of the whole CPU, even though its not as accurate as core 0 temps.

    Then monitor for a while and change it to core 0 if needed.

    Sounds good?

    Minisforum TH50 - CPU: i5-11320H | RAM: 16GB | SSD: 512GB

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