How to set NIC speed in OMV

  • Hi all,
    I am using OMV 6 on Terramaster 423 hardware. Everything is running fine but sometimes the NIC switches to 100Mbit instead of possible 1000Mbit.
    in the CLI I can set it with ethtool to 1000Mbit again. But that is not persistent. After reboot often 100Mbit again.
    There is no GUI to set the speed, any tips for me?


  • KM0201

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  • OMV uses netplan for network config, which in turns uses the networkd service. Ask the question "how to use netplan to set NIC speed" turns up this via google:…link-negotiation-settings

    It's the 2nd half of the answer you want and you'll find some link file e.g.s in OMV under:/usr/lib/systemd/network

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