Btrfs/ZFS support

  • a little bug, I'll creace TPool 3 times, because I'm testing posuble options and best config.

    When I Delete Dataset & pools, still are in 7etc/openmediavault/config.xml

    and when I'll try to create a Share folders all appears:

    This are the the fstab content in config.xml:

    It's clear that I need to manually delete all excep one, but what one?

    PD: I'll asume that is a bug in the delete DAtaset & pool procedure, but please tell me if is other thing.

  • Before deleting anything in your config.xml you need to make sure that you delete all references to your (old) pools like shared folders etc. The easiest way to do this is to use the GUI. When all such references are deleted you can remove all <mntent> entries with <type> zfs from your config.xml file (make a backup of the file first). The ZFS GUI will recreate needed entries in the config.xml file when you load it.
    The problem with multiple entries in your config.xml file might come from you deleting pools/datasests etc from command-line. The GUI will not be aware of such changes...

  • OK.
    Confirmed, This time, I delete First all SMB Shares, Then all Folders shares, and finally all Dataset/Fikesysten and TPool and mntent section in config.xml are empty as must be.

    So it's not a bug it's a bad user action.

  • more question , how to create from webGUI something like I create from Shell:
    Source Code
    zpool create RPool raidz1 /dev/sdb /dev/sdc /dev/sdd /dev/sde raidz1 /dev/sdf /dev/sdg /dev/sdh /dev/sdi
    this is 4x3TB disk in one vdev + 4x3TB disk in other vdev , and all are conforming RPool

    A bit late reply on this... You would have to create the pool in two steps. First one raidz1 vdev and then expand the pool with the other raidz1 vdev.

  • how do you see /dev/zd0 ? I'll try to format My ZFS Volume, but do not work.


    When I look at the image it looks like you're trying to mount the pool itself, which shouldn't be done. If you want to have a block device you have to create a "Volume" in the ZFS GUI, which should then be formatted with some filesystem and then you can mount that filesystem as usual in OMV. Not sure if I make any sense now though :)

  • Thanks a lot. my plan is to open a new thread and post all my experience in a new and continuous post, so perhaps can help others users to use ZFS-Plugin and understand how ZFS works on OMV.

    Keep in mind that I previously used ZFS for years on FreeNAs and later on Nas4Free and perhaps ZFS is the same as base (zpool create etc...), but I need to learn this days how to use it on OMV and how to manage your excelent pluging WebGUI.

    perhaps need some cleanning and improvements but at this moment is enought stable for me to use in my production system.

    As I say . Thanks a lot.

  • Just did a clean install from OMV 1.9 ISO. Downloaded and installed omv-extra 1.10. Enabled ZFS and ZFS testing repo. Installed ZFS-plugin. Every step successful but the ZFS menu does not show in GUI. I have removed all cache from browser, even installed a complete new browser, but the ZFS menu is not showing. How to debug?

  • Hi Niclas,

    Looks like a missing include in overview.js.
    id: "overview",
    path: "/storage/zfs",
    text: _("Overview"),
    position: 10,
    className: ""
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'registerPanel' of undefined: overview.js:555

    id : "zfs",
    path : "/storage",
    text : _("ZFS"),
    icon16 : "images/zfs_main.png",
    iconSvg : "images/zfs_main.svg"
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'registerNode' of undefined: zfs.js: 1

  • Michael, you are most likely correct in that there is a missing include... The OMV.WorkspaceManager is probably not included properly in overview.js. I'll have a look at it later today.

    Edit: I've sent you an e-mail with an updated version of the plugin.

  • Michael, you are most likely correct in that there is a missing include... The OMV.WorkspaceManager is probably not included properly in overview.js. I'll have a look at it later today.

    It most certainly is. When running in a javascript debugger no object of OMV.WorkspaceManager exists at the time when OMV.WorkspaceManager.registerPanel is called in zfs/Overview.js.

  • Another bug:
    1) Create a RaidZ1 pool
    2) Press details for the newly created pool


    But actually getting:

    Seems there is a caching issue?

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