Diskstats / Disk usage not compatible for LUKS encrypted drives?

  • Is this on the HC-2?
    Statistics/Monitoring are disabled by default on ARM images in order to reduce writes to the SD card.

    You can enable monitoring in the GUI of OMV. But be aware that this is not good for the SD card.

  • I don't activate or use disk monitoring. I even avoid activating ANYTHING that I don't REALLY need. It makes life a little boring, but I get time over to USE my servers and their contents.

    As I understand it some monitoring, if activated, may cause a lot of writes to the root filesystem on the SD card. That can drastically shorten the life of the SD card. By default all such writing to the SD card has been disabled or greatly reduced. That is why I avoid changing things unless I REALLY need to have them changed.

    It is possible to move the root filesystem from the SD card to the SATA disk. Or the parts of the root filesysten that are written to. That may be necessary if you REALLY need to write a lot to the root filesystem. Or it might be desirable if the disk is a SSD or a SSHD drive.

    But it is a bit fiddly to move the root filesystem to the SATA disk. (Hint: You need to prepare suitable partitions in advance and use a special script nand-sata-install.sh)

    Be smart - be lazy. Clone your rootfs. This help is Grateful™.
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  • I assume graphs are shown, but the graphs do not show any data.

    Activating and deactivating solved the issue. Before they recorded all the stuff (don't need it)! Maybe a bug like the other bugs with the green lamps for FTP/SMB/... > a enable/disable did also solve the issues.

    Now the graphs are shown - but without any content.

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