[Not strictly OMV question] Docker to Docker compose conversion

  • Sorry if this don't belong here.
    I am wondering, is it way to convert docker file to docker-compose.yml. Beside learn all commands.
    While we are here, any way to convert docker-compose v3 to v2.0?

    I am asking this because there are nice selfohosted programs in docker-compose v3 format, or in docker format. I am too n00b to install them w/o Portainer

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  • Or just convert your docker environment into a single node swarm cluster with the following CLI command.
    After this, Portainer will be able to handle docker-compose v3 in the GUI ;)

    docker swarm init

    If you would like to add more extra feature to Portainer, you can use Portainer Agent as well.
    IMPORTANT: Please adjust directory path in line 8 accordingly to your environment (where are your docker volumes located).
    After that you will be able to browse content of docker volumes in Portainer or even upload files into them.

    Requirement: Your old Portainer container have to have a volume with name "portainer_data" in order to keep settings!

  • What @sfu420 has recommended looks pretty tempting even to me, but I decided not to go ahead.

    In the past I've translated Docker Compose 3.0 files to 2.0. Whilst it took some time, I learnt a lot about Docker in general.

    There are some issues that you might want to consider when switching to a single node swarm cluster:

    • Only Compose >3.0 files can be used. If you have old projects on 2.0, you'll have to update them.
    • Privileged mode does not work - can break some containers
    • No mapping devices into containers - breaks any kind of GPU transcoding for Plex/Jellyfin/Emby/Wathever, or something else that needs a device.


    Regardless, you can launch V3 Compose files from CLI, as macom said. And that's probably the quickest way to do so.

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