Admin login reloads blank and Re-Image Question

  • Hey all,

    This is the version that I'm currently running on a Raspberry Pi 4

    pi@RASPBERRYPI:~ $ uname -a

    Linux RASPBERRYPI 5.10.11-v7l+ #1399 SMP Thu Jan 28 12:09:48 GMT 2021 armv7l GNU/Linux


    I was just doing a regular update through the GUI. Originally the update gave me all sorts of errors. After fighting with it, I got most of it through and then I got the error "OMV_WEBGUI_ADMINGROUP_NAME' does not exist" when trying to log in. I followed this thread - ('OMV_WEBGUI_ADMINGROUP_NAME' does not exist - General - openmediavault) and ran these commands: (in no particular order)

    sudo omv-update

    sudo omv-confbdadm populate
    sudo dpkg --configure -a

    sudo killall apt apt-get

    sudo apt-get install -f

    sudo usermod -a -G openmediavault-admin admin

    Now when I get to the login screen and I enter the password, it flashes like I'm going to a new screen, but it then just reloads the login page. I'm able to SSH in and I'm able to log into the :9090 page with all users.

    If I enter the wrong password, it tells me wrong password. If I enter the right password, it just flashes like. This happens for all users.

    I have 2 questions:
    1. Does anybody have any suggestions?
    2. If I have to do a fresh install, will I have any problems reusing my current hard drive with all the information on it? I obviously don't want to lose my data.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Clear your browser cache. Go to the omv webui login page, and on most browsers, Hold Cntrl and click the refresh button (or F5).

    Once it reloads, try to log in.

    Air Conditioners are a lot like PC's... They work great until you open Windows.

  • Hi nextmick,

    very strange, I have exactly the same behaviour since yesterday. I had no trouble with updates...but still same problem. I tried KM0201 idea with no luck :-(

    Any help?


    Best. F.

    MoBo: Fujitsu D3417-B
    CPU: Intel Celeron G3900
    RAM: Samsung DDR4 - 8 GB ECC
    Case: Fractal Design Node 80
    HDD: SSD 64GB (System), 2*3TB+1*4TB (Data) + 1*4TB (Parity). UnionFS + Snapraid
    OMV 4
    Router: Fritzbox 7590

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