Expand file system size to disk size

  • Good morning,

    I have some trouble expanding the size of my OMV file system.

    OMV is running on a Proxmox Environment. The disk is located on a ZFS RAIDZ.

    I started with 2 TB size and set up the OMV environment. With adding more an more data to the OMV I was running out of space and expanded the disk in Proxmox to 4 TB.

    This size shows alos in OMV under "Disks" as /dev/vdb with capacity of 3.91 TiB.

    The file systems show /dev/vdb1 only as 1.92 TiB, which has now 0.00 B available.

    How can I expand the device to the available 3.91 TiB?

    I tried the "Resize" button and confirmed. Unfortunately nothing happens afterwards. I couldn't find a thread in the forum adressing especially this issue.

    Thank you very much for your help!


  • Hi everyone,

    problem solved.

    Short manual:

    1) Install the OMV-Extras.org Plugin according to OMV-Extras.org Plugin

    2) Download and Install GParted Live under System > OMV-Extras > Tab "Kernel" > Install GParted Live

    3) Reboot to GParted Live Once

    4) Reboot

    5) Once GParted stared, select Language and GUI

    6) Open GParted, select the Disk and select "resize".

    7) Confirm the changes and wait till finished.

    8) Reboot

    9) The larger Disk is now in OMV available.

    Hope this might help someone.

    Take care!


  • Hi,

    I tried your suggestion but i'm failing to install GpartedLive at 85% because my systemdisk is full. But thats the drive i want to expand with gparted.

    Any other solution how to handle my issue?

    I am running OMV on proxmox, followed the OMV req settings with a 4GB systemdisk but it's at 85% full after one day.

    I resized the disk in proxmox but the new size is not recognized by OMV :(

    Can anybody help me?

    Best Regards

  • As i followed the regular manuals and i really don't know how to fix it - i will setup the system again because it's new.

    What will be a better HDD size when the written requierments from 4GB is not enough for a very small system (2 User, 3 smb shares) without running in such issues?

    8, 20, 50?

  • The 4Gb MINIMUM requirement is enough, if the system is well configured to just have the base OS and OMV running there.

    I recall reading (A LONG TIME AGO) some remarks that Linux would work better on a drive with 40% or more of free space.
    Maybe the values are different but the more free space, the better. (NOT on a 1Tb disk, of course)

    This is the space taken on a 32Gb eMMC drive.

    What most of people here use/advise/found out is that 16Gb will be the sweet spot between having free space and doing BACKUP clones of the OS drive that are small and fast to restore.

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