How to move ZIL to system SSD?

  • This means, data will not get written to the disks for several hours althoug the applications believe it is written.

    Buy yourself a good UPS.

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  • I have a UPS. I have only multimedia apps like plex, amby, handbrake, radarr, sonarr, lidarr, pigallery, rutorrent, filebrowser, jackett...stuff like that. I don't have anything that do any important background writing. I can reduce it to maybe 60 minutes. Someone up there said it's best to disable it completely, why should it be a problem if it's flushing every couple of hours, instead of every freaking 5 seconds?

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    Applications write data to disk when they need this data to be persistent. ZFS puts this data in a cache and writes this cache every 5 minutes. If you miss a 5 minute cache write you lose the data that applications have written for 5 minutes. If you miss a two-hour cache write, you lose the data that applications have written for two hours. It is obvious what the risk is here.

    If you disable the cache, the applications will continuously write data to the disk, you will not lose anything. In this case the noise will be logically continuous. Your problem is not a write every 5 minutes, it is that the applications write data to the disks, this generates noise and annoys you.

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