[solved] A laptop NAS question again ? Can't you use the search bar ?

  • Hi everyone,

    I know, I have read every topic about laptop based NAS on OMV. But I still have questions.

    I would like to use my potential NAS as a "google photos" style synchronised platform and as a plex local server. (+torrent downloading)

    I was thinking (because I have understand that USB storage is irrelevant to secure data) to use 2x2to 2.5" in the HDD bay and in the DVD bay with a caddy. This way, my critical data could be safe... maybe?

    So to resume, I got this laptop : https://support.hp.com/fr-fr/document/c05493437
    Specs : AND E2-9000 - 4Gb Ram - 2xUSB3.1 ports - gigabit Lan.

    I own 2x4to USB 3 2.5" HDD for the media storage.

    I would use internal SATA ports and those kind of HDD : https://www.reichelt.com/fr/fr…ium=idealo.fr&PROVID=2842

    OMV should boot from a SDHC and run in ram.

    The laptop have the WOL option in the BIOS.

    I understand that I will do nothing with the wifi card, keyboard, screen etc... but this is the spare I have and I would like to test OMV.

    My real questions are :
    -Would I be able to secure my pictures if the first HDD backup itself on the second every week ?
    -Would I be able to use my plex server with USB disks ?

    Thanks for your advices !

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  • I understand your point of view, but I don't know if we aim the same thing.

    You probably are an expert in the NAS world and I'm a complete noob.

    I don't understand why it's a stupid thing to do, I don't want to debate about it ; just understand why.

    Ram isn't ECC, I got it.
    USB is not reliable for critical data, I got it.
    Power management isn't optimal, overheating could happen while the lid is closed, I got it.

    But what do I miss ?

    I got those parts in a closet, doing nothing, I should search after an old motherboard + proc + ram instead of it ?
    I don't understant why a raspberry could be a good option while a laptop couldn't.

    Please explain it to me.

    Maybe I can test a setup with my irrelevant junks and, if I like what I'm able to do with it, build a proper one ?

  • I may have found out, I may don't use the good terms.

    As it's not easy to achieve sufficient data redundancy in the case of a drive failure, you don't advice people to use any laptop as a NAS.

    My needs looks more like a little home server acting as a cloud storage and a media server than a NAS. In those conditions, I understand that I will not be able to secure my pictures like I would.

    Am I heading in the right direction ?

  • ok ok, I will not follow this path as it look like I'm exposing myself to something I d'on't understand.

    I will look after spare parts to build a PC with a low consumption profile.

    See ya in weeks !

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  • Wondering what you are willing to invest into this project as well as how many, and what kind of storage media you want to use.

    For a very power consumption friendly x86/amd64 system with the ability to use 2x SATA drives as well as 1x M.2 NVME/or a M.2 to 6x SATA controller have a look at my signature.

  • ty, I will.

    Your builds are insanely power efficient.

    I will try with this configuration at first :

    AMD ryzen 5 2600

    Asus prime x370-A

    8go ddr4 2400mhz

    (Gtx 1060 6go)

    i can have it for free.

    I also have a spare 128go SSD and many 1To Sata disks.

    I'm maybe aiming 1kWh/day.
    Not a big deal since I have a 10kWc DIY solar power system on top of one of my barns in France, in the South West. So I can reduce my consumption during the day. (I don't have batteries, I sell my over-production by choice).

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    Your builds are insanely power efficient.

    It is not necessary to configure the system with special architectures to achieve low consumption. I recommend that you look at an Intel N100 CPU with x86 architecture, with similar consumption and without any compatibility problems with Debian.

  • Very interesting, ty for your advices.

    I really like those micro computers. On the other hands, I like to use refurbished things.

    I'll first try with a free configuration then, I'll follow a new path !

    For example, my actual home assistant stand alone box is installed on an old laptop, in my 19" bay. Everything is from second hands or garbages.

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