DynDNS & No-IP free DDclient plugin

  • There is a new plugin in the Testing repo for DDNS Services, openmediavault-ddclient. Currently there are only configurations for 2 services, DynDNS and No-IP free. More features/services can be added. We just see if there are any requests.

    A Successful update will show in the syslog. If there is no change on the update it will not show in syslog. But you can delete the cache which will force and update regardless if the service needs it. This will leave an entry in the syslog. If you start the service and your current config is not working there is a button to test your config. This will give verbose output and help you to resolve your issues.

    At my office I used to only run a DDNS Service on my router. At times the service would become unresponsive. Now I have an ARM device on the LAN that runs a DDNS Service as well. From years of using a DDNS Service on router I find it best to have the router plugged into a battery backup device with AVR (automatic voltage regulation) and Surge protection. This eliminated probably 95 percent of my router issues (lockups, glitches, etc..).

  • Well, if you tell me if FreeDNS supports it I will add that option. I am planning on adding your service. As well as the others that have been requested so far. I'm working on some other things though. So give me a couple weeks.

    BTW- it would be helpful if everyone that has requested a service give me a copy of your config. Take out the personal stuff (like username, pass and your domain name you setup with your provide). It will help to make sure I don't miss any parameters you may be using.

  • No rush. Thanks. I turned ddns off on my dd-wrt when trying to configure for googles nameserver. Then I discovered that they require https. I would be happy to test it out soon. Just need to work out some other kinks in my network.

    edit , just realized freedns and afraid are the same. ha

  • Thanks for this very usefull plugin. I use dhs.org as paid user and zoneedit.com as free. They both look as good work.

    Both of them are supported on ZyXel NAS-325.

    Could You make support for these two? Especially zoneedit, which I can try lastly?

  • Hi, i can not find this plugin in my omv nas. Test repo is enable....all repos (except GlusterFS and ZFS) are enable.

    I assume you are using OMV 2.x. I forgot to put the plugin in the stoneburner repo. It is there now.

    omv 5.5.17-3 usul | 64 bit | 5.4 proxmox kernel | omvextrasorg 5.4.2
    omv-extras.org plugins source code and issue tracker - github

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    Please don't PM for support... Too many PMs!

  • can we get namecheap added ?

    The following is the format of configuring ddclient.

    use=web, web=dynamicdns.park-your-domain.com/getip
    password=your dynamic dns password

    is the example of its usage. If you would like to setup dynamic dns for
    yourdomain.com (without www), then following is its configuration:

    use=web, web=dynamicdns.park-your-domain.com/getip

    If you need to dynamically update a subdomain then you need to subsititute host as subdomain. To dynamically update the domain itself (yourdomain.com), you need to replace host with @.

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