completely restore the omv configuration

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    • completely restore the omv configuration

      Following an unexpected problem, if you need to completely restore the omv configuration, what backup modes do you recommend?
      The last time that happened to me, the first thing I did, was to copy all the data in the various shared folders and put them on a USB stick.
      Then I had to reinstall omv from scratch.
      Next I had to manually restore the backup to each respective folder.
    • recomended way is to do a fresh install, and configure by hand ( not possible to restore from a config file).

      Other way can be to clone entire boot disk, but you need to test it because restore not always work as expected.
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    • I don't bother preparing for a full system restore. If needed I can do a full reinstall from scratch. Instead I backup my data so I can restore any file or folder lost. And I clone my root filesystem so I can restore it if something goes wrong when updating or reconfiguring.

      I use four methods:

      1. Image of SD card with root filesystem.

      2. Daily automatic rsync snapshots of NAS shares/folders to another NAS.

      3. Periodical updates of cold storage backups. Also as rsync snapshots, but to loose HDDs.

      4. Periodical updates of important backups. Also to loose HDDs, but stored at another location.

      Sometimes I rsync snapshot full shares, sometimes just subfolders within shares, sometimes to just one other NAS, sometimes to more. The rsync snapshots are all versioned. For instance 7 daily + 4 weekly + 12 monthly. So I can "go back in time" and retrieve old versions.

      By cold storage backups I mean a copy of data that doesn't change or changes rarely. For instance old media files. No point in daily snapshots for that.

      If the root fs becomes corrupted:
      Flash a new SD card from the image.

      If the storage HDD becomes corrupted:
      Create new shares on a new HDD and copy over files from snapshots.
      Create new shares on some other NAS with free space and copy over files from backup there.

      If a file or folder is deleted or corrupted:
      Copy over folder/files from a snapshots.
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    • nicovon wrote:

      The last time that happened to me, the first thing I did, was to copy all the data in the various shared folders and put them on a USB stick.

      If you have data drives and OS drive separated, there is no need to touch the data drives. Just make sure you select the correct when installing OMV from scratch.
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