Nested shared folders

  • Hallo,

    I would like to have the following:

    FOLADER A : (Shared but not referenced in SMB)

    SUBFOLDER A1 (Shared and referenced in SMB)

    SUBFOLDER A2 (Shared and referenced in SMB)

    SUBFOLDER A3 (Shared and referenced in SMB)

    The above is done cause I would like to have separate shared folders and at the same time being able to use OVM facilities such as RSync for the entire volume that contains those folders.

    I have seen it is doable..... but I do not know how advisable it is. Does anyone has an idea on that?

  • I created the directories in the filesystem using the terminal.

    From Web Interface

    Then, in ARM > shared folders, create the 4 shares.

    Next in SMB, go to 2nd tab "Shares"

    Add 3 shares each referencing the sub-folder share.

  • Thank you, the process of how to create them is not in question. What I need to know is that OMV can handle nesting.

  • Yes, it can. There are some users that create only one folder on the root of the filesystem and then several folders below.

    Ok then.... time to make it a bit more interesting the above generic examples in my case is as follows :

    FOLADER A : / (root folder)

    SUBFOLDER A1 : Software (Shared and referenced)

    SUBFOLDER A2 : Multimedia (Shared and referenced - it has many subfolders on its own... this the content of my plex)

    SUBFOLDER A3 : Backups (Shared and referenced)

    SUBFOLDER A4 : Plex (Not Shared & Not referenced - this is my plex library)

    SUBFOLDER A5 : Docker (Not Shared & Not referenced - Docker images / config)

    SUBFOLDER A6 : Downloads (Shared and referenced - this is where qbittorrent-nox saves everything)

    Obviously the above mentioned folders have different permissions and ACLs. Back in the day my server was Ubuntu they even had different owners.

    So what I want to "share" (as OMV calls it) is the root folder . The reason why I want to "share" it cause I would like to have Rsync and Clamav configured only once for only one folder and not each one.

    Would that be ok... and if yes.... what permissions and ACLs should I select for /. Regarding ACLs should I select to be applied to all subfolders?

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