OMV 4.1.36-1 with Plex - update for Plex available?

  • Dear All,

    my Plex keeps telling me, that there is a new version and I should update ;-) But when I check for updates within OMV there are none. I'm using Plex from the Plexmediaserver repo.

    Is there a place where I can check if a new version is available for OMV (not UpdateManagement) to be sure everything is fine?

    I would like to be sure nothing is broken - maybe the source for downloading the updates...

    Thanks for your help in advance

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  • Latest version of Plex is That "plug-in" hasn't worked for a while. You'll need to do the updates manually

    Here are some instructions I found here quite a while back on how to manually update.

    1. Go to…nloads/#plex-media-server and select platform from the 'Choose distribution' drop down. I picked 'Ubuntu (16.04+) / Debian (8+) - Intel/AMD 64-bit' for an Intel CPU and copied the link to the .deb file.

    2. Connect to OMV box via ssh (Putty or similar from Windows)

    3. Download the .deb file to a temporary folder on the NAS (change the link to the current version):

    cd /temp; wget 

    4. Update the package:

    sudo apt install ./plexmediaserver_1.16.5.1488-deeb86e7f_amd64.deb

    5. Remove the file:

    rm plexmediaserver_1.23.3.4707-ebb5fe9f3_amd64.deb

  • Is the Plex repo you are using current and correct? it is:

    Code public main

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