Best strategy, updating NAS files from attached drive?

  • Running OMV 6.0.25-1 (Shaitan)

    OMV has a file system that needs updating from a portable HDD that I pack in my suitcase. That drive is attached and mounted. I want to overwrite the existing files and directories on the NAS with the files and directories on the portable HDD. IOW, deleting everything on the NAS and copying everything over from the HDD.

    I could use ssh command line, or mc, or rsync . . . I'm not sure what is the best way to go about this. OMV ain't straight Linux and I don't want to break anything. How might I go about this?

    Thank you.

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    I would think rsync would be the easiest way to do this.

    If you're sure about it, just make sure the delete trigger is enabled on the job. Plug the drive in, log in to the webUI, click the job and click sync (I wouldn't enable it as you don't want it to run when the drive isn't connected and start making mystery paths on your OS drive).

  • I was under the (possibly mistaken) impression that the USB-Backup thing backed up the NAS to the external USB drive, and I needed to do the opposite: overwrite the NAS from the external drive.

    I think it works both ways. I may be wrong but I think underneath it all USB-Backup is just GUI for Rsync. I am planning to use USB-Backup in my setup.

    OMV 6.9.0-1 (Shaitan) on ASROCK B560M-ITX/ac Motherboard, 16GB DDR4 RAM, Intel Pentium Gold 6405 CPU, Silverstone ECS06 6 Ports SATA Gen3x2 (6Gbps) Non-RAID PCI-e card, 7(2Parity+5Data) Toshiba 2.5 inch Laptop SATA HDD's 1TB each for Data, SnapRaid with MergerFS plugin, Kingston USB-3 Data Traveler Exodia DTX/32 GB Pen Drive for Root/OS, 128GB SATA SSD for use by DOCKER and spare 128 GB PCIE M.2 SSD. Motherboard has 4 native SATA ports and 1 M.2 PCIE port. SilverStone Sugo SG13 Case.

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