Upgraded 5.x to latest 6.x, no compose (or any) plugin available to install, nothing Docker related in services

  • Upgraded 5.x latest to 6.x latest using salt deplot, omv-upgrade, omv-release upgrade, omv-upgrade to bring kernel to latest 6.x available

    I installed Docker and Portainer mid way through the life of 5.x and all went well. Managed entirely with Portainer up until now.

    Read through from ryecoaaron for example:

    I cannot find this new compose plugin. Cannot find any plugins as a matter of fact. It says there's 39 total but nothing displays.

    I can still manage the containers through the original url to portainer on my system.

    Containers are accessible and appear to be running fine. Plex was broken due to Nvidia drivers but that's since fixed.

    Only mention of Docker is:

    Plugins look like:

    I'm a bit lost. Not sure whether to re/install or who's documents to follow having not found this as part of any documented upgrade issues.

  • OK. That populated 19 plugins. None of which mention compose unfortunately.

    It did give this at the end of the script:

  • macom yes reloaded page and cleared cache and logged back in. No luck

    Soma followed the guide you linked but still nothing. Still shows 19 plugins, not 39. No compose which is what I'm primarily after

    sudo dpkg-divert --remove --rename /usr/sbin/omv-mkaptidx
    sudo omv-mkaptidx
    #sudo dpkg-divert --remove --rename /usr/sbin/omv-mkaptidx
    No diversion 'any diversion of /usr/sbin/omv-mkaptidx', none removed.
    #sudo omv-mkaptidx
    Creating index of upgradeable packages ...
    Creating index of plugins ...

  • Code
    # dpkg -l | openmed
    -bash: openmed: command not found
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    You don't have the omv-extras repos. sudo omv-aptclean repos

    omv 7.0-32 sandworm | 64 bit | 6.5 proxmox kernel

    plugins :: omvextrasorg 7.0 | kvm 7.0.7 | compose 7.0.8 | cputemp 7.0 | mergerfs 7.0.2

    omv-extras.org plugins source code and issue tracker - github

    Please try ctrl-shift-R and read this before posting a question.

    Please put your OMV system details in your signature.
    Please don't PM for support... Too many PMs!

  • macom :

    # dpkg -l | grep openmedi
    ii  openmediavault                        6.9.13-1                             all          openmediavault - The open network attached storage solution
    ii  openmediavault-keyring                1.0.2-2                              all          GnuPG archive keys of the openmediavault archive
    ii  openmediavault-omvextrasorg           6.3.6                                all          OMV-Extras.org Package Repositories for OpenMediaVault
  • . So should I use sudo when entering commands from the cli?

    If logged as root, no.

  • please open a new thread to new problems.

    And close this ( mark as resolved)

  • macom

    Added the Label resolved

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