Scheduled jobs

  • Hi, I configured a scheduled jobs with this command with the "send email output" enabled:

    sudo sh /home/pi/raspberry-mcg/script/docker/plex/ 5

    each time it is executed I receive an email with this message

    /var/lib/openmediavault/cron.d/userdefined-014d8449-8363-4241-a6ee-5904509cea43: 31: /var/lib/openmediavault/cron.d/userdefined-014d8449-8363-4241-a6ee-5904509cea43: source: not found

    Going deeper

    cat /var/lib/openmediavault/cron.d/userdefined-014d8449-8363-4241-a6ee-5904509cea43
    #!/bin/sh -l
    # This file is auto-generated by openmediavault (
    # WARNING: Do not edit this file, your changes will get lost.
    sudo sh /home/pi/raspberry-mcg/script/docker/plex/ 5


    cat /home/pi/raspberry-mcg/script/docker/plex/
    docker exec plex /usr/lib/plexmediaserver/Plex\ Media\ Scanner -s $1
    echo "Lib number $1 refreshed at $(date '+%Y-%m-%d')";

    Basically each time I execute e bash script that run a command against a docker container and after prints the date.

    I receive above email (I also receive the email with the echo output).


  • Hi, I add a detail: also all others sh script I have cause the "source not found" mail.
    I execute the command configured in "Scheduled jobs" no message in the console

  • I assume your default shell does not support the command source to load other scripts.

    I'm not using source in my script and I cannot find this command in the lines automatically added to cron.d/userdefined script.

    What do you mean?
    Anyone has any hints?

  • No hints?
    Who is using the `source` command to execute scheduled job?

    I see that `userdefined-014d8449-8363-4241-a6ee-5904509cea43` script has `#!/bin/sh -l`, I changed my sh script with this line but I still have the issue

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    Maybe start to simplify:

    sudo - from scheduled jobs you can run the script as root, so no sudo needed

    sh - make the file executable then you don't need sh

    parameter "5" - include it in the script instead of passing it

    Does it work then?


  • sudo: ok, I can remove it using "root" as user in scheduled job. It comes from the manual command I used to test it.
    sh: ok, in fact I can execute it instead of using sh.

    parameter "5": this could be an issue. Same script is used to refresh different libraries in plex; I'll try putting it inside the script just to see if it solves the issue

  • I made changes suggested.

    Now I have the same issue with another job.
    Mail message is:

    /var/lib/openmediavault/cron.d/userdefined-fee68f4c-8454-49b2-9d8e-56c8bc8d631a: 31: /var/lib/openmediavault/cron.d/userdefined-fee68f4c-8454-49b2-9d8e-56c8bc8d631a: source: not found

    The command (runned as user `pi`) in gui is:

    I need to run the job with `pi` user to keep permission and ownership (and because I cannot see why I should use sudo).

    Right now I still receive the mail message with `source` command complain

  • After a lot of time I'm coming back to this topic. I have a script that executes a tool to download Google Photos images.

    cat /home/pi/gphotos-sync/
    #!/usr/bin/env bash
    cd /home/pi/gphotos-sync;
    /home/pi/.local/bin/pipenv run ./gphotos-sync --logfile /var/log/gphotos-sync.log --secret /home/pi/gphotos-sync/client_secret.json /home/pi/local_drive/Foto/GooglePhotos

    If I run it from terminal works fine and no strange message.

    I configured the execution in "Scheduled Jobs" setting Command with


    When I run it from Scheduled Jobs play button in the modal windows this message appears:

    /var/lib/openmediavault/cron.d/userdefined-fe8457ff-1a95-4f9f-a331-e74b25603a0a: 31: /var/lib/openmediavault/cron.d/userdefined-fe8457ff-1a95-4f9f-a331-e74b25603a0a: source: not found

    but the script runs fine. Since I enabled "send email" when it ends I receive a mail with:

    /var/lib/openmediavault/cron.d/userdefined-fe8457ff-1a95-4f9f-a331-e74b25603a0a: 31: /var/lib/openmediavault/cron.d/userdefined-fe8457ff-1a95-4f9f-a331-e74b25603a0a: source: not found
    /var/lib/openmediavault/cron.d/userdefined-fe8457ff-1a95-4f9f-a331-e74b25603a0a: 4: /var/lib/openmediavault/cron.d/userdefined-fe8457ff-1a95-4f9f-a331-e74b25603a0a: ./home/pi/raspberry-mcg/script/gphotos-sync/ not found

    What is this "source" command?

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  • also see the comment from votdev in post #3

    I'm going to read suggested links.
    About votdev comment, he refers to "my shell" but is the default shell configured by OMV image, or not?

    I tried via ssh and the shell has "source" command.

  • cat /var/lib/openmediavault/cron.d/userdefined-fe8457ff-1a95-4f9f-a331-e74b25603a0a and you will see.

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