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  • I am relatively new to the Raspberry Pi, Linux, OMV, Docker and Portainer but just recently I have been experimenting with these on a Raspberry Pi 4.

    I have a Pi 4 installed in an Argon One M.2 case. In the case I have also installed a 1TB M.2 sata memory module connected to the Pi vis USB 3.0. I use this memory to hold all the OMV shared folders

    I set up the Pi with the Pi OS Lite (64-bit) and then installed OMV 6.0. After setting up OMV I then installed Docker and Portainer.

    Following the advice available on the web and looking at several Youtube videos I was able to use Portainer to set up a Plex Media Server. All appeared to go correctly and I was able to access the Volume I set up for Plex and all the folders necessary for a basic Plex setup.

    However I am having difficulties in getting Plex to find the music files.

    When I set up the necessary volumes in Portainer I am required to enter the paths for the volumes. The advice on the web is not very clear so question is this:

    Do I use relative or absolute paths, or does it not matter?

    Many thanks

  • Many thanks for the very fast reply and for the helpful information.

    I am using Bind so I will need the absolute path.

    One day I hope to understand what Bind and Volumes means in this context and why Bind id usually preferred

  • I am still having trouble specifying the paths for the Plex Container.

    I have attached two screen shots.

    One showing the path to Docker and the other to the shared folders.

    The folders required by Plex are subfolders in the "containers" folder. The folder structures is as below.







    When setting up the volumes in Portainer, for the paths to the volume such as config, what paths should I use?

  • Which ever one you want... but a few words to the wise..

    1. Your containers are currently being installed to /var/lib/docker. Plex, Emby, Jellyfin.. really any media docker that fetches metadata.. the database can get rather ginormous. Your best bet would be to change that path to a path that is on your data drive.

    After that, create a "new_folder" to install all your /config directories to (I'm assuming you'll eventually use more than just plex). That will make your config path


    Then the media paths, map to wherever you have your media folders.

  • Do not put config and tv, movies into the same directory.

    Point /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-4b5.../containers/plex/config to config in the container <- do not touch this directory from outside omv

    Point /srv/dev-disk-by-.../this/is/where/i/store/my/media to media in the container. <- this directory can be shared and used by your users

    Don't understadn what you docker and general shared folders are. mayby /this/is/where/i/store/my/media is somewhere in general

    If you got help in the forum and want to give something back to the project click here (omv) or here (scroll down) (plugins) and write up your solution for others.

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