• Hello guys,

    I'm currently using OMV3, and it's working great.
    I'm looking at OMV4 plugins, and it seems that Emby, NUT aren't available.

    What's the successful % upgrade from OMV3 to OMV4?
    Is it worth to upgrade it during this time?

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  • @tinh_x7I would like to remember you that omv4 is still in beta, is not officially relesed, (there is not even an iso for it) so not all plugins are ready now, if you absoulutely need them, just don't switch until the omv4 will be ready and will be out as the new stable.

    Having said that, emby plugin is not present even on omv3, to be honest I don't see a point on an emby plugin, is pretty straight forward to install with the means you already have like apt-tool, @ryecoaaron has also made a video on how to do it through the webgui omv video, I hope it does help you cheers!

  • @Skaronator
    that's actually not true nut is an external plugin, it's just not ready for omv4 like many others plugins for example openvpn (or at least it is on omv3 don't know if that's changed, I don't think so).

    Huch? NUT is included in Openmediavault as you can see here: https://github.com/openmediava…er/deb/openmediavault-nut and I'm using it with my UPS and it works fine.

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  • Any update on the following issue with OMV4?

    Did you deactivate/activate the Service? With omv3 this procedure works.

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  • Did you deactivate/activate the Service? With omv3 this procedure works.

    I did and it made no difference.

    This morning, however, the problem seems to have dissapeared. I did not upgrade anything and nor did I change any setting... I'll try to keep an eye on this, but I guess this has now become a non-issue.

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  • @Wek

    Just have a look here.

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  • @Huberer thanks pal, didn't see the thread, unfortunately for me the trick to apt clean didn't work out I will wait for ryecoaaron and notice about the support email he sent.
    Until then it seems not to be too much problem so it's ok

  • How is going the developement? Is OMV4 stable or is still "beta"?

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  • Can I ask if anybody know what generation of intel CPU will be supported with the new OMV 4?
    6th or 7th will be ok?

    OMV 3.x supports both.

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