Flash QNAP with Openmediavault - Possible?

  • Why quote an earlier post of mine? 😳

    because he is a spammer marking threads to go back and edit in his BS links.

    They do this to get around approval process for new threads, so they respond to some thread they deem is getting a lot of traffic w/ some innocuous post to mark it, then go back in about 3-4 days, sometimes a week later and edit in a bunch of garbage

    Air Conditioners are a lot like PC's... They work great until you open Windows.

  • Which QNAP mode?

    I'm using a TS-251D

    The TS-251D has a PCIe slot, where I added a m2 ssd. Here I put kodi, cups, OMV and for all other apps I'm using docker.

    Therefor the added ssd is also helpful, it's hosting also the volumes for my docker container.

    The 2 bays are only for data.

    Also I replaced the 2 G memory. It's too small. I'm running now 8 G.

    I'm happy with that. The TS-251D, for me is like a standard intel PC, but smaller, nicely designed and cheaper.

  • I just installed OMV5 on my QNAP TS253B (on USB SSD). There are only two things what are a little bit annoying to me.
    - Cannot control the FAN ( no pwm sensors found ) --> Bios settings to set it from "automatic" to "manual" leads to FAN running 100%
    - The front display is only showing "Booting" all the time

    I tried to install "qcontrol" what is - regarding to another post in the "Qnap Community" Forum - the tool used with QNAP OS for controlling these two things. But iam not able to execute it successfully.

    Has anyone a idea to fix this issues ? At least the FAN thing...

    Update: The fan can be controlled via this package:

    Best regards,

  • Hello,

    I use an AS3104T v1 with OMV5. I installed OMV on the small internal SSD.

    Finally the AS3104T is like a standard computer (bios, boot on usb, hdmi screen, ...)

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