How to give Plex permissions when it's running in Docker

  • Hello,

    can I ask you how to give permissions to Plex, when it's running container in Portainer?

    I had to do permreset and now it doesn't have access to movies and shows.

    When it was a plugin, it was just check in ACL but now I don't know how to do it.

    My library is shared with 2 accounts and they can see and play, but I can't even see it.


  • I'm wondering why 998. Is that a special user for your docker containers or plex in particular?

    However, giving that user and/or group file and folder access should be all you have to do. It has actually nothing to do with docker. You should just familiarize yourself with unix permission management.

  • I did it completely by some video tutorial back then.

    To test it, I added read/write perm to config and multimedia folder + movies and shows which are in that multimedia folder to Users, Admins, Docker and still nothing.


  • You didn't post what I asked for. Can't help further until you do.

    Poor choice having your media files owned by root.

    Unless you fully understand what ACLs are, you shouldn't be using them.

    There is an information warning provided on the Shared folder privileges pop-up selection box concerning file system permissions. Probably one of the most frequently ignored displays in all of OMV. If you use this feature you need to understand what that pop-up is telling you.

    The most frequent problem seen with Plex is that the ownership and permissions of the actual media files and folders are incorrect such that the user Plex runs as can not access them to the degree required. This will bite you every single time. A similar comment can be made for apps running in docker.

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  • What I should post then? There is exactly your command what you told me.

    Maybe I didn't get 100% everything, but until now everything what I have done in ACL or docker works just fine. Just after reset perm. it doesn't and I don't know what next, because everything in ACL looks alright, that's why I need your help...

  • UID 998 is the OMV-GUI User. Not the best choice to run your container. Do you have a regular user? If not, create a new user and add it to the "users" group.

    Then change the PUID to the UID of the newly created user. Then chown newuser:users -R /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Data/Multimedia to fix ownership on your media files. In general if you use the right user for your containers and have the files owned by the correct user there is no need to fiddle with ACL at all.

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