USB Backup errors OMV 6

  • I just installed OMV 6, and waded through getting all the settings done, so now I have an accessible share visible on my network

    My problem is in creating a USB Backup drive. I am getting three RED errors after selecting the drive and clicking "Apply". They regard a 400 UUID problem, a 500 Internal Server Error, and a long one I do not begin to understand.

    This was easy in OMV 4, which I am migrating from on a different machine.omv 6 usb backup error.pdf

    What is wrong? What do I do?

  • It seems to me you already have mounted the file system of the USB device. This is not supported. If you want to have this device mounted permanently, better use rsync to backup the data from one shared folder to another.

  • votdev

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  • I guess I don't understand what "Mounting" does.

    I started (again) with a fresh install of OMV 6. Got everything working up to trying USB Backup.

    I UNmounted the USB Backup drive filesystem. Attempting a USB Backup again and still get this when clicking "Start":

    I do not understand why this is failing. When I setup OMV 4 on a Raspberry Pi for my original (and current) NAS, I never had problems with USB Backup.

    Is there some way to see what the UUID is of the backup drive?

  • Not for me, OMV604, OMV usbbackup 6.0-9, EXT4.

    I made some entries (in services) for backing up some directories to external storage and enabled them. Example: USB disk is NOT connected to OMV and kept in another room. If I want a copy I connect the disk and do nothing. After a while (500 GB, ca. 3 hours) I can see inside the logfiles that backup is finished. Emails are sent of what is done.

    By the way: are we sure that we are talking about the same? Using the USB backup plugin from OMV extra's?

    Intel NUC6 Celeron | omv 6.0.9-1

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