Samba Share Types in OMV

  • Samba shares types

    OMV has the capability of configuring shares accordingly with their defined user access privileges. This means they won't act in the file system layer they will run in the samba authentication layer. From there the access can be controlled to be read only, write access and guest account log in. This is done with the PRIVILEGES button in the shared folder section not the ACL

    Remember that this is a two leg thing, if write access is enabled and by any chance your share has a modified system permission of 755 (the default is 2775) the authorized user will not be able to write to the share.

    Shares in Samba can be catalogued in OMV into three categories with their most important directives indicated below:

    Non-public (Private): login always required, Guest Allowed denied
    guest ok = no
    valid users = User1, User2, @Group1, @Group2 ## this will deny all none authorized users
    read list = User1, @Group1
    write list = User2, @Group2

    • This means that every user will have to provide valid OMV credentials to access that share.
    • Also this type of shares requires at least one definition of a valid user, otherwise the directive would be empty. THIS WILL ALLOW EVERY USER TO LOG INTO THE SHARE

    Semi-public: when login is not provided, guest user is used. This is the option Guest Allowed from the samba share option

    guest ok = yes
    read list = User1, @Group1
    write list = User2, @Group2

    Notice here if you have a user that you have not set up privileges for (thank means blank tick boxes) he will be able to login anyway and have write access.

    Public only: guest user always used. This is the Guest Only option in the samba share configuration
    guest ok = yes
    guest only = yes


    • The guest account is mapped to system account nobody, he doesn’t belong to group users, thus he HAS BY DEFAULT NO WRITE ACCESS just READ. This is can be reverted modifying the POSIX permissions of the share to 777.
    • These directives are NOT ACL
    • The semi public is valid for OMV version 1.10

    I have setup a semi-public shares how to I enter credentials if the guest will always log in first?

    You have to use windows map network drive feature to provide login credentials

    In Mac OS X you can use CMD+K (if you are in Finder)

    I have guest allowed or guest only enabled, but windows keeps asking for password?

    You probably have an identical windows-omv username. Windows is sending windows account credentials before. If you want to login as Guest type nobody in login and no password. Yes, nobody like this :

    The login keeps saying login denied?

    This is more likely caused by two things:

    • Permission issue (ACL or non default POSIX permission mode/ownership). You can use the reset permission utility provided with omv-extras, next to Shared Folder sections to bring back to default permission and flush problematic ACL's. edit: In OMV3 the reset permission utility is a independent plugin
    • Out of sync password in between linux and samba. This is very rare but it has happened. Test in ssh the following smbpasswd username enter password and try and login again.

    I can't delete files or edit files that other users have created?

    • The default umask in samba is 644 for files. So to enable flexible sharing tick Enable permission inheritance in the samba share settings this will force 664 creation mode. Files created previously need to change their permission mode. Use reset permission utility.
    • Check that you don't have read only enabled. This option overrides privileges and POSIX

  • For those who have trouble with accessing shares from a Win10 machine with a different login and can't logout, try this:…c-path-drives-in-windows/ and reboot (A shutdown won't work because of the "fast boot" option with Win 10).

    Also, maybe you accidentally made available offline a folder from your share (with the wrong login) [yeah, I messed around big time my initial setup. It's great for learning tought], you can flush the sync data from the Configuration panel -->the Sync Center, under "Manage offline files" [Screen capture in French: "Gérer les fichiers hors connexion". Deactivate and clear your offlines files and reboot (A reboot and not a shut down).
    The Sync Center was always connecting to my shares with my initial login and the command "net use" was reporting nothing with my machine...

    Below a screen capture from the sync center after I reset everything.

  • Hello . I'm completely lost. I have for several days tried to mount a samba with openmediavault.At the moment I am testing with Virtualbox. I have no problem accessing the server via FTP, SSH or any other means of access, except in SMB
    I watched your tutorial and many more again and again the same problems. I created several "users"

    Jean, Pierre, marc and Yves, for future local use only. No external access to the network (no external domain name)I manage to create the SMB server, and it is discovered in w10 (my computer), that of my children on the same network is invisible. (all computers are equipped with w10 or w10 pro)Then I try to connect to each user from my computer to check if the accounts are all ok. And I can't do it, except for one "marc" account. I have all tried deleting Mapping, deleting dns caches, or other wacky ideas. Nothing works. So I decided to delete the users Marc from the server. As a result, I no longer have access to the smb on the w10. I can see it but I cannot connect it.I'm going crazy so much it keeps me from sleeping. If I manage to set up all this OMV server, I can buy the hardware to go on a fixed installation.thanks a lot for your help ||||

  • Hello,

    I’ve a problem login into share folder.

    With a pc not in workgroup smb or nfs always give me a ‘user or password is not correct’

    Using pc in workgroup smb works fine with user login.

    How can I fix?

  • Hello,

    I have the exact same issue. Somebody have an idea?


  • The same issue. Have working laptop at home and wanted to add password for all local folders on servers and for windows it does not work.

    Without any credentials OMV works smoothly, but when you are trying to setup different permission for folder - it sucks.

    NAS: OMV 5
    (Intel i5 4570❄Gigabyte GA-H97N-WIFI❄8GB DDR3❄SSD EVO850➕WD Red 3TB➕WD Red 6TB➕WD Gold 8TB)
    Gigabit Internet➕Mikrotik hAP ac²

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